EOL WebCreations Client List

EOL WebCreations is proud to have worked with the following clients:

Clark University COPACE
Worcester, MA

Clark University's College of Professional and Continuing Education (COPACE) wanted a site that would be of interest to prospective students for courses and seminars; EOL WebCreations created a site that far surpassed those expectations. Features include Java, animations, custom graphics, interactive forms, LIVE chat center, message board, web site hosting, search engine registration, downloadable forms, and a secure Student Registration area.

Schneider Leasing Company
Boston, MA

Schneider Leasing Company's website includes custom graphics, Java Scripts, interactive CGI forms, an interactive e-commerce store, and more. EOL WebCreations worked hand-in-hand with Schneider Leasing Company to ensure that SLCRentals.com would become an integral part to Schneider Leasing Company's business, and it has.

Primore, Inc.
Adrian, MI

When Primore, Inc. decided it was time to go on-line with their company, they knew EOL WebCreations was the company who could not only meet their expectations, but far exceed them. This site includes a password access only area, custom graphics, Java, CGI forms, and more.

SEDCO (A Division of Primore)
Adrian, MI

Sedco, a division of Primore, Inc., needed a website that would display their products and services for current and potential clients. In keeping with the look-and-feel of Primore's website, EOL WebCreations created a website that successfully brought Sedco's message to a new medium. Java, custom graphics, CGI forms, and many other technologies were used in the design of this site.

The Marx Syracuse
Syracuse, NY

The Marx Hotel & Conference Center needed a website to promote their Syracuse location and they were looking for something that would exude the classy and up-scale images of their rooms while at the same time welcoming business travelers. The website EOL WebCreations designed for them more than fit the bill. With luxurious styling and plenty of important information, www.marxsyracuse.com provides potential visitors with a feel for the accommodations, dining opportunities, conference facilities, and events planning that can be found at The Marx Syracuse.

Entertainment-On-Line, Inc.
Westborough, MA

The Entertainment On Line website has evolved many times since its creation in June, 1996, but it's purpose has remained clear throughout: market the number-one rated lottery software in the world: The Lottery Tracker & Wheeler - Power Player Edition!

Power Player Club
Westborough, MA

The Power Player Club (PPC) website is an exclusive site for PPC members, offering lottery information, downloads, and special forums. Features include security (password-protected site), live conferencing, message boards, Java and JavaScript technologies, and feedback forms. If you are thinking about creating a subscription based website, here is the perfect role model!

Wyman-Gordon Company
Grafton, MA

When Wyman-Gordon first approached EOL WebCreations, they were dreaming of a functional yet stylish website that would serve not only their clients, but potential employees and their global sales staff as well. Wyman-Gordon didn't know how to make these dreams a reality, but EOL WebCreations did! Wyman-Gordon.com is now on-line and providing pertinent information to clients, job seekers, and current employees.

PCC Valves & Controls
Millbury, MA

Wyman-Gordon was so impressed with the website we produced for them, they had PPC Valves & Controls (a division of Wyman-Gordon) contact us to design their website as well! The PCC Valves & Controls website includes custom graphics, CGI forms, javascripts, site search feature and MORE!

McLeish & Company
Manchester Center, VT

McLeish & Company is a job-placement firm for Building Controls, Energy Services, and HVAC. Features include custom graphics, animations, JavaScript, interactive career board, and CGI resume submittal form. Of special interest, our client can update the available job listings from any Internet location.

Fran Flynn, Magician
Worcester, MA

To Fran Flynn, having a website was an important step in his business plan. However, having a website that conveyed his incredible talent and intense interest in magic was even MORE important. That's why Fran contacted EOL WebCreations. Fran knew that our graphic and design capabilites would allow us to create a more personalized website than most other firms would provide, and that was just the type of magic he was looking for.

Westboro Auto Body
Westborough, MA

Westboro Auto Body has been in business since 1954, and although their repair technologies have always been on the cutting edge, their business was missing a website. With a custom design that fits their business so well, the new Westboro Auto Body website is working around the clock to bring their company new business. CGI forms, custom graphics and hosting services come together to make this site a success.

Natick, MA

New England Waterproofing needed a website, but not just any website. They wanted a design that was unique, attractive, and representative of the Crack-X brand. EOL WebCreations created a site that met and exceeded all of their expectations.

Live Dry
Natick, MA

New England Waterproofing was so impressed with the website EOL WebCreations created for their Crack-X brand that they couldn't wait for us to get started on their LiveDry.com website! We succeeded yet again by creating a stunningly unique design.

Old Saltbox Publishing
Salem, MA

Old Saltbox Publishing felt they needed a website to help market their books to a larger audience. EOL WebCreations designed a site that would not only bring in new wholesale and retail customers, but that would also provide on-line ordering capabilities to their current clients. With state-of-the art marketbasket capabilities, custom graphics, and stunning javascripts, this website has brought Old Saltbox Publishing into the 21st Century while maintaining their "Old World" feel.

American Star Brand
Boylston, MA

Mondi Enterprises, Inc. came up with an idea for American-themed salad dressing to compete with the Russian, French, and Italian flavors already on the market. They had a great product, but needed a website that would really take their marketing plan to the next level. EOL WebCreations designed a site to match their patriotic theme and get the word out on their new product line. With a secure on-line order form and easy to navigate format, AmericanStarBrand.com is everything American Star Brand had hoped for and more. The current link takes you to the current website that is no longer managed by EOL but most of the design elements were created by our staff.

Bacson, Inc.
Framingham, MA

Bacson wanted a technologically advanced site that would successfully market their name and products to people around the world. EOL WebCreations created a site that would do just that. With a fully operational e-commerce store, as well as the ability to request a quote for specific services, Bacson.com offers exactly the kind of support Bacson, Inc. was looking for.

F.C. Phillips, Inc.
Stoughton, MA

F.C. Phillips, Inc. hired EOL WebCreations to design and implement a website that would effecively and efficiently provide information on their services, abilities, and history. Java, custom graphics, CGI interactive forms, and more are included on this site.

A. Risi & Sons, Inc.
Berlin, MA

A. Risi & Sons, Inc. needed a website that would allow them to better serve their customers. EOL WebCreations came up with a design that reflected the style of their products and created a unique contact form that allow both A. Risi & Sons and their client to understand exactly what products and specifications are involved on a particular project. By capturing the intent of the customer and providing them with images of the product they're inquiring about, A. Risi & Sons now has a streamlined customer service process that creates a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Hancock Real Estate
Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard Island, MA

When Hancock Real Estate hired EOL WebCreations they knew they'd found a firm capable of creating a first-class website. EOL WebCreations worked closely with Hancock to effectively promote their company image as well as their real estate business. With selected property listings, Vineyard history and info, and the ability to gather specific information from buyers, sellers and renters alike, Hancock now has a viable web presence that is sure to attract more business than ever before.

Maintenance Chemical
Braintree, MA

After seeing the quality work EOL WebCreations had done on the SpeedySpirits.com website, MCS was thrilled to have EOL WebCreations design their site. With an automated e-commerce store, custom graphics, and easy navigation, the MCS website has become an integral part of their business plan, and EOL WebCreations has yet another satisfied client.

New England Dyno & Tuning
Worcester, MA

New England Dyno and Tuning (NEDT) is a high performance car tuning center. Using specialized audio effects that were custom created for NEDT, EOL WebCreations gave the site stunning visual and audio apeal. This site includes custom graphics, java scripting, mapping, wav files, sound embeding, and custom animated menu graphics.

Island Point Lodge
Petersburg, AK

Island Point Lodge is a fishing lodge in Petersburg, Alaska. Before contacting EOL WebCreations, Island Point Lodge had a site that was boring, out of date, and not properly maintained. EOL WebCreations transformed their old site into a visually impressive marketing device. Features include custom graphics, animations, and search-engine registration.

Heritage Home Carpentry
Northborough, MA

Heritage Home Carpentry, Inc. hired EOL WebCreations to design a functional, creative website for their construction company, but the top-quality industry-related design they received far exceeded their expectations! Chris Lundt, Vice President of Heritage Home Carpentry, A Top Remodelling Industry Website - Remodeling Magazine - June 2000Inc. says of EOL WebCreations' design process that he has "thoroughly enjoyed popping on to the site and seeing constant change occurring as it quickly evolved into a cyber-Rembrandt." Custom and animated graphics, Java Scripting, and interactive CGI forms were used throughout this site.

Framingham, MA

FOG, Inc. contacted EOL WebCreations looking to create an on-line liquor store... the result was SpeedySpirits.com! SpeedySpirits.com is a true e-business with on-line order processing, a fully integrated database of over 1500 product items, winning lottery number display, free party planning advice, and much more. EOL WebCreations utilized Java, Active Server Pages (ASP), custom graphics, on-line databases, interactive CGI forms, custom programming, and more to create this incredible website.

Woodville Rod & Gun Club
Woodville (Hopkinton), MA

Woodville Rod & Gun Club, Inc. needed a website that would not only attract new members, but would also promote all of the events held by the club for its current members and the community. EOL WebCreations succeeded in providing Woodville Rod & Gun Club with just the site they had been looking for!

Business Installations
Worcester, MA

Business Installations knew that getting on-line was critical for their business to compete in today's market, what they didn't know was that EOL WebCreations would not only design a stylish website, but that they would get to see the progress of their website from initial design right through to the finished product. EOL WebCreations makes sure to include our clients in all steps of the website creation process, and welcomes comments and suggestions.

RecFacilities.com (RFC)
Northborough, MA

The owners of Recreation Facilities Consulting had worked with EOL WebCreations on a previous project (KLB, Inc.) and knew EOL WebCreations was the right firm for the job when it came time to design an effective, unique web site for their new consulting firm. Because their earlier project ran so smoothly and the finished product far exceeded their initial expectations, RecFacilities.com was confident that they would receive a visually stunning marketing tool that would be a true asset to their company, and they did!

Butler Construction, Inc.
Shrewsbury, MA

Butler Construction was searching for a firm that could design a website that would convey the creativity and uniqueness of their carpentry style... they found EOL WebCreations. EOL WebCreations designed an effective, industry-themed website that immediately brought them more jobs than they could have imagined. This site utilizes custom graphics, Java, interactive CGI forms, website statistics tracking, and our guaranteed search engine placement service.

Walker Pattern & Mold, Inc.
Auburn, MA

Walker Pattern and Mold, Inc. desperately needed to update their old website, and hired EOL WebCreations for the job on the recommendation of one of their clients. Having heard about EOL WebCreations' ability to create impressive designs and easy-to-use interfaces, Walker knew their website was in good hands.

Penny's Pizza
Westborough, MA

Whether your company is large or small EOL WebCreations will provide you with a top-quality custom website made specifically with your business and customers in mind! We don't work from templates... each website we create is entirely unique and receives our full attention.

Hearth Scent Candle Co.
Bellingham, MA

In their search for a web design firm that could provide top-quality design work as well as inexpensive e-commerce solutions, Hearth Scent Candle Company contacted EOL WebCreations and found just what they were looking for!

Framingham, MA

Industrial Color Laboratory hired EOL WebCreations to design a functional, interactive, visually stunning website that would make them accessible to customers around the world. The finished product not only met their initial expectations, but exceeded those expectations in so many ways. The ICL website combines Java, interactive forms, frames, custom and animated graphics, search engine registration, and more to create a well thought out, technologically advanced marketing tool.

Kacevich, Lewis & Brown, Inc.
Northborough, MA

When Kacevich, Lewis & Brown, Inc. contacted EOL WebCreations about designing and constructing a website for their company, they had no idea that they would be receiving a top-quality, professionally-designed, interactive website for a very reasonable price. Working along with KLB, Inc., EOL WebCreations created an aesthetically pleasing, practical, easy to navigate website. This site includes animated and custom designed graphics, Java Scripting, and interactive Career Board.

Monroe, CT

How do you effectively advertise a specialty item on the Internet? Call EOL WebCreations! We have created a design for the European-WatchCompany.com website that is not only attractive to EWC's target audience, but also matches the high-quality of its products. From the initial concept to the finished website, EOL WebCreations works along with the customer to ensure a successful design. Using features such as custom graphics, Java, and a fully interactive E-Commerce store, EWC's website is sure to attract the right clientel.

Shrewsbury, MA

Owl Regulatory knew they had a big project ahead of them when they decided to develop a website. They knew they needed a company that would not only provide them with a beautifully designed website, but would also offer innovative solutions to their on-line archiving needs. EOL WebCreations was that firm. Not only did we create a unique design graphically, but we provided them with custom coded Java Applets, SQL databases, and remote updating capabilities.

Harvard Police Department
Harvard, MA

The Harvard, Massachusetts Police Department knew their website was in need of a face-lift, so when an officer recommended EOL WebCreations to do the work, the Department jumped at the chance. Knowing that EOL WebCreations had designed the Westborough, MA Police Department website let Harvard rest easy with the fact that EOL WebCreations can handle jobs of any size with confidence.

Motivational Concepts
Worcester, MA

Motivational speaker Tom Ormondroyd wanted a website that would grab the attention of his potential clients, so he contacted EOL WebCreations. Tom's website includes such features as customized Java, custom graphics, CGI forms, and much more.

ATS Cases
Northborough, MA

The ATS Cases, Inc. website combines, custom graphics, Java, CGI forms, easy navigaion, and more to create a highly effective marketing tool. Whether you want to find out more about the company and its products, or you wish to request a quote, this website provides the visitor with the necessary information to get the job done.

Lanoco Specialty Wire Co.
Sutton, MA

Lanoco Specialty Wire Products, Inc. contacted EOL WebCreations with the hopes of creating a website that would not only provide information about their company, but one that would look great while doing it. EOL WebCreations used custom graphics, Java scripting, interactive CGI forms, and much more to create this functional, attractive, professional marketing tool.

Westborough, MA

EOL WebCreations has created a wonderfully informative, functional, and entertaining website for the Town of Westborough, Massachusetts. This award-winning site covers almost all areas of the town government, public safety, community resources, culture, and the town's history. Designed to be both informative and useful for town residents as well as out of town visitors. This site uses Java, custom graphics, interactive CGI forms, and so much more. This site was retired in 2005.

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